Thanks to all of the craftiness on Pinterest and a recent trip to an antique store, I have been drooling over anything antique, vintage, aged, or distressed lately.  But hitting up the local home stores, everything was too pricey or obviously faux-vintage and made out of some particle board “wood” that certainly does not look like it came from a tree.  So after an unsuccessful search at Home Goods & Pier 1 for some vintage looking candlesticks, I found these 80’s beauties at Goodwill:

At $3.99 a piece, I figured… I can make that!  I snatched them up before some other inspired shopper could.  Come to find out as I placed them on the car seat next to me, the sticker on the bottom read Target.  Ok, so not as antique as I thought.  Oh well.  Let’s Tim Gunn this and make it work!  Quick trips to Home Depot and Michael’s shrines to the great Martha Stewart,  I ended up with a pre-tinted, tester sized bottle of Martha Stewart Living paint in Cornbread ($2.94– the tester size is the best idea ever), Kilz Odorless spray primer for$5.99  (which, in fact, had no odor) and Martha Stewart Crafts Tintable Antique Effect ($3.00 after coupon at Michael’s).

Step 1: Spray primer

Step 2: Paint

Step 3: I roughed them up with sandpaper.  It took a while to figure out how aged I wanted them to look.  I loved that a little bit of the original brown came through and made them look chipped. 

Step 4: After wiping off all of the excess dust, I used the antique glaze mixed with a teeny drop of black paint.  When mixed, it was a grayish color.  It gave them some shadows and depth.  Also, when rubbed off with a cloth, more paint will peel, making it more distressed.  Finished product!



Before and after:

Looking good with some Target clearance candles!

Thanks to Pretty Handy Girl and The Speckled Dog for the tips on antiquing!


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