Glassery (that’s not even a word)


Another successful trip to the Goodwill has left me with some new ideas in glass.  One that didn’t need any transformation was this adorable blue glass vase priced at a whopping 79 cents! Fits perfectly in the kitchen! Image

Saw this and immediately grabbed it for $1.99…

Image…replaced the putrid purple potpourri for the delicious cinnamon pine cones from Michael’s and cranberries from the dollar store. The house smells like Christmas!


Love, love, love Ball jars!  I have blue glass jars all over my kitchen, so when I found these adorable mini’s, I couldn’t pass them up, especially for 49 cents a piece…

Since I was in a holiday mood, I filled them with dollar store berries and borrowed a few strips of ribbon from the wreath… and… ta da!

Thought they were cute in the kitchen although I don’t really know what purpose they serve (any ideas?) except that they make me happy! All three projects… about $6 and that makes me even happier!

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