The Wreath


So I don’t know about you but wandering through Michael’s makes me to march up the cashier and gallantly announce… “One of everything, good sir!” (in an English accent of course).  The holiday seasons (yes, in my mind fall is a holiday season) makes this urge even worse.  EVEN WORSE is that pretty much everything in the store is 50% off so you feel like you are getting a deal.  Grrr.  On my last hour long, 4 lap around the store adventure, I decided that I needed a Christmas wreath more than anything else in this world.  The simple wreath and bow combo that became a must-have in my mind came with a $34 price tag, really $17 as, of course, it was half off.  Still, at $17, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Instead, I bought myself a plain one (half off for $2.99) and red wired edge ribbon ($.96) and said… “I can make that!”

(sorry… bad picture, but it was nighttime)

Perfect addition to outdoor decor.  Thank you RawBeautyGirl for the YouTube easy bow making tutorial.

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