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Simple Sewing


For Christmas, Mom got me a beautiful Singer sewing machine, which, unfortunately due to a ongoing battle with the bobbin hasn’t gotten much use. Any tips for threading/winding/not knotting the bobbin would be appreciated!  There were a few failed attempts at headbands and just attempting to sew in a straight line.  After moving into our first home, though, I wanted to decorate with style… and a very small budget.  So, here are my first (decently successful) simple sewing projects.

Table runner -> a valence

I’m sure I’m not the only one who navigates Target by walking through the back of the aisles because that is where the clearance sections are housed.  (I swear I’m not lurking, I’m just bargain shopping!)  On one trip, I discovered the mother of all mega-clearance, where almost every end cap had 30-50-0r 75% off of summer selections!  I found this table runner for $9.08

And decided it would make a perfect valence for our guest room, newly painted in mint ice cream green.  Since there was already a backing, I just had to rip the seams on each of the short sides to slide the curtain rod into and tada! Total cost: $10.57

Napkins ->Pillows

Also found at Target mega summer clearance 18 x 18′ two-sided cloth napkins…. perfect for pillows!









These did actually require some sewing! I ripped the seam on one side and stuffed with with pillow form from Joann Fabrics, then re-sewed it closed. Cost:  $1.98 per napkin + $5 per pillow form = $13.96 for 2 pillows!

Fabric Remnant -> Valence #2

While at Joann, I saw the fabric remnants were an extra 50% off.  Score! Found this cute patterned fabric for our yellow office.  This was my biggest sewing effort. I cut it using my table runner curtain as a pattern because its the same size window.  Then I folded the top and bottom over to create a tab for the curtain rod.   I tried really really hard to make the edges straight and sew so so so straight and I’m pretty happy with the results!










Cost: Fabric $3.14 + Curtain rod $1.49 = $4.63

These projects have helped me gain some sewing confidence and save some major $$$! Sew happy!