Monthly Archives: August 2012

BTS Projects


“Back to School” can sometimes be the most dreaded phrase in a teacher’s life.  End of summer, no more lazy pool days, basically not getting what you want to do whenever you want to do it.  Boo.  On the bright side, it means a new year to add and update the classroom.  Seems like everyone’s classroom has been Pinterest-ed to the max this year.  I realized I had to up the cuteness level!

Clearance corkboard tiles from Walgreens ($1.29 for 4), paint samples left over from painting the new house, and some blue tape! Going to hang some pictures and leave plenty of room for student artwork.

So excited to find this at Goodwill for $2.99!! I’ve been wanting one FOR-EVER and they are so very expensive in teacher catalogs.  Repainted the wood from the 70’s orange that can be seen on the inside.

My Pinterest contribution and the discovery that our school has its very own poster maker! So cute! Find this poster and more at Technology Rocks Seriously.  

Finally, my Twitter wall!! Everyone teacher knows the power of a good exit slip after a lesson.  Now, I have a super-trendy reusable one.  I can pose a question in the form of a tweet and students an respond on the blue laminated cards using dry erase makers and post them on the wall.  (I laminated the black construction paper then poked holes with scissors and slid a paper clip through to hold them) They can be taken down before the lesson then posted on their way to line up or during transitions.  Thanks to Art for 1170

Making these projects are helping me cure my BTS-itis! Here’s to another school year!