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A darling dresser


I couldn’t pass this little dresser at Goodwill. It was a little beat up and the bottom drawer bottom was missing.  It was solid, real wood, I fell in love when I noticed it had a little pullout writing table. I thought maybe it was vintage and only $10!

           Later discovered…   Regular price: $699.00  from Bombay & Co.  (Really?)

I knew I wanted to put it in my mint-chocolate chip ice cream green guest bedroom.  Inspired by the lace painted dressers I found on Pinterest, I thought I’d try something similar! First, I painted the it white and taped off the drawers.



While looking for something lace at Michael’s,  I found lace cardstock instead.  I found three strewn among the clearance leftovers for 99 cents and when they ran up a penny a piece, I thought I’d hit the jackpot again! This was going to be better than spray painting lace, especially since they do not make spray paint in any cute colors.  I immediately went home, cut it to it the drawer front and sponge painted with a sample sized container of Tropical Coral (Glidden @ Home Depot $2.99).

And that’s where my luck ended.  After leaving it overnight to dry, I began to peel the stencil only to discover most of the paint had acted liked glue and large chunks of stencil were pasted to drawer.  Thankfully with a little soap and hot water and A LOT of scrubbing, most of the coral paint came off.  Back to square 1.

I painted the drawer fronts solid coral, hoping it would cover up the leftover marks and purchased a new (plastic) stencil from Michael’s ($5.99– paid about $3 after my 40% coupon and teacher discount). I left the coral color a little streaky for an antique effect and to make my mess up marks look more natural. Crossing my fingers I used a sponge brush on the stencil and a little sandpaper to antique it up some more…

The finished product:

I made that and I love it! It looks great with the coral pillows and warm colored curtains I previously made. Final price: about $16.00