Tree Skirt


Inspired by Done Over Decor‘s burlap ruffled tree skirt and motivated by the fact that for the past few years, we have been using my husband’s Florida State blanket as a tree skirt, I decided I could make one! First, I cut a full sized red sheet into 3 inch strips.  Fabric scissors were definitely a must and folding the blanket twice helped keep my cut lines straight and about the same size. 


Next, i used a Dollar Tree felt tree skirt as a base and heated up the ole glue gun!  The process was pretty simple.  A dot of glue near the top edge of the strip to keep the strip to the skirt.  Then, a dot of glue on the same spot on the strip and fold over a bit of fabric to create a ruffle. 


The process was repeated to go all the way around the edge.  I noticed that I was making my folds too close together (and using ALOT of glue in the process) so in my next strips, I made them further apart (about an inch).


Continue around the skirt, gluing and folding, folding and gluing.  I just made sure there was no white showing in between the layers.



Overall, it only took about an hour total and only sacrificed a few fingertips with hot glue gun burns.  Well worth it! Especially the cost!  $1.00 for the felt skirt, an old sheet, and 1 package of mini glue sticks = about $2.50 total! Yeah, I made that! (PS. Looks much more festive then a FSU fleece blanket with a Seminole head staring out from under my 7 foot Frasier! Camera decided to die, so picture coming soon..)


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