Bridal Shower on a Budget!


When my friend Carissa told me instead of a shower she wanted a very laid back, simple lunch with a little bridal twist, I thought hard about how to connect it to her wedding without screaming BRIDAL SHOWER! Most important… location, location, location!  We chose a Key West/island themed cafe in downtown Stuart, called Key Lime Cafe.  Outdoor with tropical decor and amazing fresh drinks and food, its one of our favorite local places.

Now to decorate…


showerSmall bubble vase from Michael’s $1

Gray ribbon: $2 with 40% off coupon from Michael’s

Silver frame: $1 from Dollar Tree

Printed photo from Walgreens & a little yellow scrapbook paper: $0.19

Yellow mums: $4 for a bunch from Publix

I made three little vases and 2 frames to spread along the table.



I taught myself how to fold these cute little ring boxes out of scrapbook paper from this video on You Tube.  I cut a small slit in the bottom of the box and popped in a Ring Pop! (4 for $1 at Dollar Tree)

Finished product…




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